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Aucune (N/A)Rotary Chair MED4

Electronic Rotary chair for complete kinetic testing.

Enhance & complete your vestibular testing with our MED4

  • Manual or automatic controls by the Ulmer’s VNG
  • Perform all type of kinetic stimulation automatically
  • Up to 16 predefined profiles (sinusoidal, SHA test, square etc.) adapted to the calculation of VOR gain, phase, preponderance and multi-frequency analysis.
  • Allow to assess the whole range of frequencies
  • Drive high-speed rotational testing up to 200°/s (Limited to a 100°/s in standard profiles)
  • Maximum acceleration 100°/s²
  • Gas control for seat back
  • Maximum weight/load 130Kg (260 pounds)
  • Those stimulation profiles can be modified upon demand
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Rotary Chair MED4