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Aucune (N/A)Torsio Ulmer

Investigation of 3D eye movement.

Resulting from cutting edge image treatment technologies, Torsio is the first clinical tool using Real-Time to measure the three components of eye movement. The daily practice of the clinician shows interest in the observation and measurement of the torsional component of the eye movement.


This product is not FDA approved - Please contact us for the US market

The torsional software for ocular torsion measurement

  • Real-time display of the three dimensions of eye movement with a 0.1 to 0.3 deg precision
  • Gives positions, slow phase velocities and cumulative tracing for each component as well as real time histogram of the ocular torsion angle.

Medical interests

  • Measurement of the static counter-torsion oculo-cephalic angle (tilt test), this angle being under the dependence of the otolithic function.
  • More generally at all stages of the examination for the study of the vertical canals. Indeed the vertical canals induce a nystagmus which systematically associates a vertical component and a torsional component. It is consequently impossible to interpret the response of a higher or posterior canal being based only on the vertical component of nystagmus.
  • Since 30% of the patients who consult an ENT specialist for vertigo present a posterior channel canalolithyasis, the recording of the torsional component presents an interest in the plan of the topographic diagnosis, and on the medical legal level in the event of post-traumatic origin.


  • Static OCR («head tilt head test») for otolithic response, caloric, Dix Hallpike maneuvers and positional, kinetic rotational…

The stakes

  • Setting new standards and protocols and design a new test for the future of vestibular exploration.

• Graphics card NVIDIA or AMD RADEON type. 1 free USB 2.0 port
• Includes the VN3x Torsio Goggle and a USB video converter
• CE Class IIa 
• EN60601-1 Compliance
Compatible with Windows 7 32 bits (with USB converter and PX610 board) and 64 bits (with USB converter only)
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