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USB (Universal Serial Bus)Video Algesigraph (VAG)

Monitoring of analgesia.

This product is not FDA approved - Please contact us for the US market

The VAG monitoring system of analgesia measures the level of pain during surgical operations in order to evaluate the appropriate dose & the analgesic situation of the patient.

The VAG system :

  • Uses a camera  to measure the diameter of the pupil in real time.
  • Easy-to-use with a laptop computer the software provides optimal ergonomics in order to intelligently evaluate the nociceptive response of the patient to painful operations.
  • Complies with the european standard 93/42 CE Class II  & designed according to a ISO 9001 process type

Benefits :

  • Evaluation of the intensity of painful medical treatments for each type of surgery.
  • Appropriate dose of morphine (precise evaluation of analgesia needs)
  • Limitation of the accumulation of doses & optimisation of the morphinic - hypnotic interaction during surgery.

Publications :

  • A multimedia cdrom is available incl. more than 40 summaries or references on the monitoring of the pupil - Please contact us for this item

Our references :

  • HIA Val de Grâce Paris
  • CHU Rangueil Toulouse
  • CHU Timone Marseille
  • CHU Hôpital Nord Marseille
  • CHU Fosh Paris
  • CHU Erasme Belgium

Congresses :- SFAR 2001-2002-2003-2004
- Euro SIVA 2004

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