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  • The specialist of balance disorders for 25 years

VNG Ulmer (system)

VNG Ulmer (system)

The VNG Ulmer system enables to analyze the nystagmus at low and medium frequencies. It offers a large range of tests including vestibular and ocular-motor tests.

  • Upgradable and customizable system
  • Complete software with vestibular and ocular-motor tests
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Precise analyze of vestibular functions
  • System designed by a doctor for doctors


The VNG Ulmer system is designed as a modular system.

Each doctor can choose which tests to use so that the tool is best suited for the practice as well as to the associated camera (wired or wireless).



  • Nystagmus
  • Caloric
  • Saccade
  • Smooth pursuit
  • Gaze
  • Optokinetic
  • Kinetic


  • New interface : intuitive and updated
  • New printout reports
  • Easy customization of protocols directly through software
  • « Plug and Play » update : automatic back up of all old configurations during set up
  • Audio and video recording with SmartCam camera (from 5.17.25 version)
  • Available on laptop (new compatible cameras)


  •  Binocular analysis (with VISIO mask)
  • Rotational tests (with MED4 chair)
  • Test of the otolith function (with SVV module)
  • Detection of vibration-induced nystagmus (with VVIB vibrator)
  • Caloric tests (with air or water irrigators)
  • Audio and Video recording with a room camera


  • 4 Gb RAM
  • Graphic card with dedicated memory - NVIDIA or AMD RADEON type (minimum 2 video output to enable extended mode (dual view))
  • Intel processor I5-xxx (3rd generation)
  • 1 USB port available (or 2 if VNG Visio) and/or PCI slot available (with MED4 configuration)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity if wireless configuration (with SmartCam camera)


Available on Windows PC.


Class IIa medical device (European medical device directive 93/42/EEC)


FDA approvedEC conformity / EN60601-1 / EN60601-1-2


Wired VNS4X camera

Wireless SmartCam camera

VNS3X camera (with USB acquisition box)


  • Goggles Flex : with VNS4X wired camera
  • Goggles Flex or Xpress Mask : with SmartCam wireless camera


Available tests Nystagmus Caloric Saccade Smooth pursuit Gaze Optokinetic Kinetic
VNG Screening x x         Option
VNG standard x x x x x   Option
VNG Visio x x x x x x Option
VNG Kinetic/MED4 x x x x x x x


Patient manager Specific database compatible with other Synapsys equipments Network storage available for multi location test centers and reader station for collaborative work
Available results  
Stimulation Video projector or TV

Additional equipments

  • Remote control
  • 1 camera depending on chosen option + associated parts/disposable (see dedicated leaflets)
  • VNG Ulmer software
  • USB Visio mask (bi-ocular camera) if VNG Ulmer Visio configuration
  • VNG Ulmer Visio

Downloadable documents

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