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VHIT Ulmer (system)

VHIT Ulmer (system)

The VHIT enables to test all 6 semi-circular canals at high frequency as well as the saccades strategies (overt and covert)

- Fast test : 5 minutes to test the 6 canals and detect saccades (overt and covert) and to obtain a complete and relevant analysis
- Non invasive test : no mask or device on patient’s head thanks to goggleless camera
- Independant analysis of the 6 semi-circular canals through fast head movements
- Simultaneous observation of eye and head movements thanks to goggleless camera
- Maneuvers simple to carry out : automatic detection of the tested canal and visual information given by software in real time + maneuver guide
- 2 scalable software versions : from VHIT SCREENING (lateral canals only) to VHIT EVOLUTION (6 canals)
- No disposable (because of goggleless camera)


Combined to the VNG Ulmer that tests the lateral canals at low and medium frequencies, the VHIT enables to obtain a complete analysis.


Available on Windows PC.


Class I medical device (European medical device directive 93/42/EEC)
Class II electric device


Not available in the US
EC conformity / EN 60601-1 / EN 60601-1-2 / IEC 62471-1


- Ulmer Canalogram evolution
- New interactive graphs (gain/velocity, superimposed velocities)
- A new maneuver guide
- New printout reports
- Results of asymetry calculation of VOR gain
- Gain calculation zone indicator


VNG Ulmer


Intel Procesor I5-xxx (3rd generation)
300 Gb of free space on hard disk
4 Gb RAM
Graphic card with dedicated memory (NVIDIA or AMD RADEON type)
One free USB 2.0 or 3.0 port








A scalable and intuitive software that enables adjustments of the camera and 3 usage modes (video, acquisition and rereading)
A remote camera ensuring comfort for the patient and freedom of movement for the practitioner.







VHIT Camera :
Camera Goggleless camera
Settings Motorized adjustement : image sharpness, horizontal & vertical alignment of the camera
Power supply 12 VDC
Weight 6 kg / 13.26 lb (without cable)
Pc connection 2.0 or 3.0 USB port
Sampling rate Up to 100 Hz
Definition 752 x 480
Cell type CCD 1/3 ‘’
Sensitivity <0.005 lux
Infrared lighting Wave length : 830m Light cone : +/- 22 deg. per LED
VHIT software :
Modes Video live, acquisition, replay (results)
Adjustments Inter-pupillary distance, pupill size, acceleration threeshold
Protocole examination guide Visual indicators, synthetic voice message
Detection of movements Automatic (manual correction available)
Detection & analysis High-frequency VOR Saccades strategies (overt and covert)
Graphs Right / Left gaze, Head movements, Position, Velocity, Gain
Replay Slow motion, key frame, slow motion showing gaze deviation, synchronized with graphs
Patient manager Compatible with VNG Ulmer patient manager
Print report Canalogram Ulmer, Results Table, VOR gain value, Saccades description, Eyes pictures sequence (PDF format save available)
Visual stimulation Target projection (dots, random letters, cartoon pictures for children)

Additional equipments

- VHIT camera + base
- VHIT software (CD)
- User manual
- Power supply
- USB cable Packaging : suitcase

Downloadable documents

Additionnal equipments

VNG Ulmer (system) Synapsys

VNG Ulmer (system)

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