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  • The specialist of balance disorders for 25 years

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World leader Synapsys

World leader

With more than 2 000 ENTs and PTs clients over 40 countries, Synapsys is the world leader in Balance disorder with Evaluation & Treatment solutions since 1993.
International certification Synapsys

International certification

We have always provided high-value to our customers by delivering cutting edge technologies. Synapsys is certified not only in Europe, but also in Canada, in Taiwan and in the US.
A reactive team Synapsys

A reactive team

A team of engineers and technicians are available to respond efficiently to you and the clients’ needs.

If you have clicked on this link it’s because you share our passion and values and you want to become part of our team.

Our distributors are the face and the voice of Synapsys. Their passion fuels our each other’s success.
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