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  • The specialist of balance disorders for 25 years

Dynamic SPS (system)

Dynamic SPS (system)

The Dynamic SPS enables to measure the static and dynamic balance of a patient and to assess the somatosensory, visual and vestibular inputs of a patient.

- It offers a full range of protocols (SOT (Sensory Organization Test), Romberg test, fall risk assessment, stimulated vestibular evolution assessment).
- The SPS is equipped with different tools enabling to stimulate each sensory input with many disturbing factors.


The combination of static and dynamic tests (translational) will guide you towards a rehabilitation designed for each patient. The translator enables a complete posturographic assessment; a true reflection of the patient’s balancing capacities.


Available on Windows PC.
Video projector necessary.


Class IIa medical device (European medical device directive 93/42/EEC)


EC conformity / EN 60601-1 / EN 60601-1-2
Not available in the US


- Integrated rehabilitation guide
- 5 new rehabilitation 3D games
- Clinical cases in direct access from software


Intel Procesor I5-xxx (3rd generation)
300 Gb of free space on hard disk
4 Gb RAM
Graphic card with dedicated memory - NVIDIA or AMD RADEON type (minimum 2 video output to enable extended mode (dual view))
1 USB port available
Video projector


SPS software :

Modes Evaluation et rehabilitation
Custom settings Protocols, visual stimulation, translational stimulation, rehabilitation program
Patient manager Saved on a specific database
Available evaluation tests Sensory Organization Test (SOT) Vestibular stimulation assessment Romberg test Fall risk assessment
Available results  
Rehabilitation tools 4 groups : stabilization, weight shift, weight bearing, postural control Sound and visual biofeedback Patient progress evaluation

SPS hardware :

Maximal motion 8 cm (3.15’’)
Maximal speed 0.1 m/s (0.33’’/s)
Power Supply 230V
Weight 21.75 kg (47.95 lb)
Dimensions 50*50*13 cm (19.69*19.69*5.12’’)
Wooden step Required space : 135*110 cm (53.15*43.31’’)

Additional equipments

- Remote control
- Static platform
- Foam platform
- USB acquisition box
- Dynamic motor-driven platform
- Unstable platform
- Safety surrounding bars incl. wooden step
- SPS software
- User manual

Downloadable documents