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D-VNS (system)

D-VNS (system)

The D-VNS is designed for the vestibular assessment serving the rehabilitation of the vestibular system.

Software :
- Patient mobility
- Free movements
- Flexibility of use

Thanks to the embedded camera software containing motion sensors, you will obtain results correlating the ocular response to the patient’s real head movement.


The D-VNS enables to carry out an initial assessment, to oriente the rehabilitation treatment and to follow the patient’s progress and the efficiency of the chosen rehabilitation treatment.


- Binocular analysis
- Test of the otolith function (with SVV module)
- Detection of vibration-induced nystagmus (with VVIB vibrator)


A private Wi-Fi connection is established between the SmartCam camera and the computer.
No Internet connection is needed.


- MDD 93/42/EEC (Class IIa Medical device)
- IEC 60601-1
- IEC 60601-1-2
- IEC 62304
- IEC 62366-1
- IEC 62471
- ISO 10993-1


Not available in the US
EC conformity / EN 60601-1 / EN 60601-1-2


- Xpress Mask is made with a lightweight rubber and an adjustable elastic strap. It’s easy to clean after each use and is convenient for a busy daily practice. The camera and the eye occluder fasten themselves magnetically to the mask.
- Goggles Flex are equipped with foams that make them light and comfortable for the patient. They can be adjusted due to the different sizes of the nose bridge and the elastic strap. The camera and the eye occluder are fastened mechanically to the goggles.


- Windows 10 pro 64 bits
- Wi-Fi 5Ghz connectivity available
- Intel processor I5-xxx (3rd generation)
- 300 Gb of free space on hard disk
- 4 Gb RAM
- Graphic card with dedicated memory - NVIDIA or AMD RADEON type
- 1 available USB port


Lens detection Automatic
Maneuvers Guides Visual and sound guides
Available tests Nystagmus, Kinetic
Patient manager MAESTRO
Printout report Pre- and post- rehabilitation results, patient progress follow-up


Additional equipments

- 1 SmartCam camera and its disposable (see SmartCam
- D-VNS software
- Remote control
- USB Dongle Key (License)

Downloadable documents

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