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Cleaning instructions for Synapsys goggles/masks

Cleaning instructions for Synapsys goggles/masks

SYNAPSYS provides its healthcare professional customers with two types of masks compatible with Synapsys equipment:
- Flex goggles (compatible with VNS3X, VNS4x, VNS3x HF and SmartCam cameras)
- Xpress masks (compatible with SmartCam camera)

Flex Goggles can be used with the following equipment:
- VNG Ulmer (with VNS3x, VNS4x and VNS3x HF cameras)
- D-VNS (with VNS3x and VNS3x HF cameras)
- Vertical Subjective
- Wired scanning systems (Nystagview, E-scope, 4-View)
Xpress Masks can be used with the following equipment:
- NystaLab
- D-VNS (with SmartCam camera)
- VNG Ulmer (with SmartCam camera)
The foams used in the manufacture of Flex eyewear are suitable for medical use.

According to the manufacturer's recommendations, the foams can be cleaned with a solution of soapy water not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius or with alcohol-free disinfectant wipes. Drying of the material can be done with absorbent material or at room temperature for both methods.

Some sterilization methods can alter the properties of foams, in particular steam (autoclave), chemical or radiation sterilization: they are therefore not recommended.

For Xpress masks: these masks can be cleaned with medical alcohol.

Although the solutions described above are sufficient in terms of hygiene and safety, we would like to inform you that SYNAPSYS is developing a disposable protection solution for Flex glasses that will be single-use and can be positioned between the glasses and the patient's head.
We are not yet able to give you an availability date but we will keep you informed.
Luz Garcia Del Pietro
Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager Synapsys