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Find here all our consumables

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Vestibulometry accessories

Goggles Flex
Goggles Flex (Contour mask with permanent foam + Strap band)
Pack of 5 Goggles Flex
Set of 3 obturators for Subjective Vertical test
5 sets of disposable foam cushions (foam alone without goggles)
Disposable goggles kit (goggles + 5 sets of disposable foam cushions)
Occluder for VNS3X, VNS4X or SmartCam Goggles Flex
Small nose-bridge for VNS3X, VNS4X or SmartCam goggles (adapted for children)
Large nose-bridge for VNS3X, VNS4X or SmartCam goggles
Disposable foam cushions for VNS3X and VNS4x (pack of 8 sets)
Xpress Mask
Xpress mask (Rubber contour mask + Strap band)
Occluder for SmartCam Xpress Mask
Connexion items
4 slots Charger for SmartCam battery
VGA adaptor for iPad
HDMI adaptor for iPad
Amplifier for SmartCam
Battery for SmartCam camera
Interchangeable cable for VNS4x camera
Visio mask cable
Adaptor VNS/VISIO on PICOLO board
Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV)
Gamepad for subjective vertical software
Vestibular vibrator
Replacement foam for Vibrator (pack of 20)
Abrasive paste NUPREP 110gr tube
Conductive paste TEN20 110gr tube
Nozzles for Vario-air
Headband for VISIO mask (black part)
Finger switch for VNS red light control
Remote control
Room camera
USB GBX acquisition box (+USB cable) for VNG
Picolo express acquisition board

Audiology accessories

Pack of 50 electrodes for AURIS
Set of 3 adaptators with reinforced clip

Posturography accessories

SPS platform only
USB cable 5m
PMD box for Static SPS
SPS Translator cable
SPS Foam platform