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  • The specialist of balance disorders for 25 years

TKM – Mechanical rotary chair

TKM – Mechanical rotary chair

The TKM chair enables to act effectively on the vestibulo-oculart reflex

- Very fast and very slow rotations possible
- Patient comfort
- Possibility of locking the chair in central position so the patient can be seated safely
- Simple and precise adjustments, simple handling
- Horizontal inclination possible thanks to the mechanism of the backrest
- Headrest and footrest are adjustable


The TKM is a mechanical rotary chair enabling the analysis and rehabilitation of balance disorders.


Class I medical device (European medical device directive 93/42/EEC)


EC conformity


Weight ~80 kg
Dimensions 175*140*72 cm
Safety Belt Integrated
Reclining seat From 80° to 160°
Headrest Adjustable
Footrest Adjustable
Brake Manual
Foam Bultex 4 cm thickness
Rotary system Thrust ball bearing and tapered roller bearing
Manual rotation Free, managed by walkout


Additional equipments

- Safety belt
- Footrest
- TKM chair
- Headrest

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