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  • The specialist of balance disorders for 25 years

MED4 chair (VNG option)

MED4 chair (VNG option)

Synapsys has designed the MED4 chair for an ENT practice as to complet the VNG tests with the kinetic rotational test

It enables to calculate :
- The vestibular gain
- The phase
- The symmetry
- The time constants
It offers a large range of kinetic tests:
- Various sinusoidal tests (SHA profiles, decreasing sinus
- Multi-frequencies (sweep)
- Multi-turn (step velocity)
- Sudden stop stimulations (square back and forth)

Its ergonomics ensures the patient’s comfort and security when carrying out middle frequencies tests.


The MED4 enables the patient to be in different positions and thus can be used for several vestibular tests complementary to the kinetic test.


- Safety harness


The MED4 can be controlled by VNG software or used manually.


Class I medical device (European medical device directive 93/42/EEC)


FDA approved
EC conformity / EN 60601-1 / EN 60601-1-2 / IEC 62471-1


VHIT Ulmer (high frequencies test)


Windows 7 PRO (32 or 64 bits)
Windows 8.1 PRO (64 bits)
Windows 10 pro (32 or 64 bits)

Intel Procesor I5-xxx (3rd generation)
300 Gb of free space on hard disk
4 Gb RAM
Graphic card with dedicated memory - NVIDIA or AMD RADEON type (minimum 2 video output to enable extended mode (dual view))
1 PCI slot available


Control Manual or automatic
Available predefined profiles: Sinus (Burst, SHA, multi-frequency sweep) Trapezium Impulse Step test
Available results Graphics (head movement velocity, slow phase cumulative, ocular position, Freyss diagram, gain/phase/period graph) VOR gain Phase, Period Directional Preponderance Maximum slow phase velocity Per- and post-rotator time constants
Values Maximum speed : 200°/s Maximum acceleration : 100°/s
Electrical characteristics Tension of the analogical instruction for speed / position : 0-5 V
Mechanical characteristics Pedestal weight: 95 kg (209.5 lb) Saddlery weight: 42 kg (92.6 lb) (ref. SEM4 - waterproof covering – fireproof M1) Maximum load (patient maximum weight):130 kg (286.6 lb) Reclining positions from 0 degree (upright) to 90 degrees (flat) Remote control with cable allowing set up of the different profiles generated by the electronic card. Connection cable / computer allowing computer to control MED 4 chair functioning Slip ring for video signal transmission during chair rotation


Additional equipments

- Safety belt
- Footrest
- Remote control
- MED4 electronic rotary chair
- Emergency stop
- Signal acquisition card
- Removable headrest

Downloadable documents

Additionnal equipments

VNG Ulmer (system) Synapsys

VNG Ulmer (system)

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